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Plug zug is a one stop destination for everyday items that you own or any used item that you plan to purchase.
You can create an free "Owner" account on our site and register all your personal belongings for a very low fee. For every item registered, we will provide you a sticker which you would put on the specific item (This is a good way to deter items from be stolen). Precaution is better than cure. You can list all information related to the item. Every information is stored securly in our database.

While planning to purchase a used item, you can use our free look up service, to ensure that the item is truely owned by the person who is selling it to you. This will help making reselling of stolen items extremely difficult and thereby drive down anyone's motivation to steal anything that is near and dear to you. Second, purchasing stolen property is illegal.

If your item is stolen/lost and if any one finds it, they can return it back to you with the help of the sticker. This entire process does protect the contact information ofyours and the person who found your item. You can choose to give a reward to to the person who finds your item.

We also provide you reviews on various electronic goods. These reviews are written by our users. They also give useful tips on how to use and protect your items. For example, Dont use the distinguishable iPod white earbuds. They make you stand out at a distance and announce to all thieves that there is an "Ipod Target" in their range. Replace them with earphones that will draw less attention and save you possession.

You can also research what kind of things are being lost/stolen and in what area.

All the information you need on your finger tips.

PlugZug team

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